What I Learn About Fundraising When I Mow My Lawn

emotions logic Oct 28, 2021

Choosing the right tools for any job makes life easier, but then human decisions aren't always driven by logic.

Whether that's in relation to fundraising or mowing my lawn.

I'm fortunate to have 20 square metres of this green stuff. It's mainly thick-bladed KĊraishiba (Okinawan grass) battling for dominance over strangling knotweed, dozens of tiny baby flame trees, and some sort of slimy seaweed appears after the summer typhoons.

The humidity and heat mean everything here grows fast. Like 

My main tool against is a rusty hand-powered mower, which no longer self-sharpens but instead self-blocks itself with wads of grass and weeds. A square metre of grass cutting 

My helpful neighbour loaned me his weedeater, which is a lot like a strimmer (in the UK) except the Okinawan version comes with a toothed metal disc that spins violently at one end and cuts through everything. 

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