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There were so many Eureka! moments with Craig, one of them led me directly to a £100,000 donation.

Diarmuid O'Neill

Former CEO, Retrak

Within six months of starting your program, I raised $320,000 in unrestricted donations and won my first corporate partnership.

Emily Monville-Oro

Acting Director for Asia, IIRR

Your program has helped me raise $305,000 in the last two years. Now we can reach even more people in need.

Kuda Zombe

National Nutrition Coordinator (Zimbabwe)

Learn How To Raise Big Donations 

This programme will give you the tools and knowledge you need to get funding for your charity or project. It will point you in the right direction, show you how to take your first steps into fundraising, and guide all the ones that follow.


If you need to get funding for your charity or project, but don't know where to start, if you're feeling lost, reluctant, overwhelmed, or frustrated:

"Let me share everything I know about fundraising and give you everything you need to do it yourself"  

Fundraising can look like a mystical art, but it isn't, it's a simple craft that anyone can learn and get good at - all it takes is someone to point you in the right direction (and practice). 

So, let me show you how to get your first big "YES!" from a donor. 

Don't worry, we'll take this one step at a time!

I won't overwhelm you!

You've got more than enough on your plate without adding an intensive fundraising course to your to-do list and your pile of things-to-feel-guilty-about. 

If you're investing your time to learn how to fundraise, you want to do it properly, right?

This programme is spread over 50 weeks because fundraising takes time to learn. And the only way to learn fundraising, is to DO it.

The four parts of the programme are spaced to give you the time you need to put what you've learned into action. 

The programme exercises are designed to be practical and will move your fundraising forwards: doing the exercises IS doing fundraising!

And I'll guide you step-by-step.

This programme is built and paced to give you the best chance of real-life success.

A Truly Global Programme

The Fundraising Radicals Programme is a global approach to fundraising - it works wherever it is applied because it has been built on experiences with donors, fundraisers and nonprofits in 100+ countries.

The Programme

This is what your coming year's journey to fundraising success could look like:

Part #1

Fundraising Foundations

The first part of the Programme is delivered through our on-demand online course, so you can study at your own pace. 

You'll craft your first Case for Support, build your first priority Donor Groups and create brilliant Value Propositions. 

Plus one LIVE Q&A session (with me).

4X Online Chapters (8-12 weeks) + 1 LIVE Webinar

Part #2

Fundraising System

Four LIVE Webinar-Workshops (90 minutes), hosted by me, will lead you step-by-step through the second part of the Programme. 

You'll learn how to find and engage New Donors, how to turn them into donations and what to say to donors, how and when.

All LIVE sessions are recorded so you won't miss one minute.

4X LIVE Webinar Workshops (6 weeks)

Part #3

Fundraising Resources & Results

Three more 90-minute LIVE Webinar-Workshops, will complete the core Programme. 

You'll find out what Resources, Partners, & Investment you'll need to deliver (your  calculated) Income target.

Then you'll explore how to put the Fundraising Radicals into real-life action!

3X LIVE Webinar Workshops (6 weeks)

Part #4

Fundraising Masterclasses

Six LIVE webinars will help you master effective strategies and tactics in:

Corporate Partnerships

High Net Worth Individuals

Trusts, Foundations, & Governments

Fundraising Overseas

Digital Fundraising (and Crowdfunding)

Fundraising Leadership

6X LIVE Webinars (20 weeks)

What else is included?

60+ Page Workbook: Download the PDF Workbook to consolidate and tailor your learning - it's the official companion for the Programme. With more than 60 pages, it's a valuable resource! Feel free to print it out and scribble all over it, or complete the exercises online - it's up to you!

12+ Tools & Templates: Download these PDF and Excel tools that include the Fundraising Matrix, Fundraising Dashboard, First Donor Meeting planning template, Donation Table, Donor Management Tool, etc. They'll help you prove your fundraising guru status to friends and colleagues.


60+ Bitesize Lessons: The first part of the programme has more than 4-hours of video content and 24+ hours of guided exercises to build your own approach to fundraising step-by-step.


24/7 Community Question Board: Craig will be on hand between the training sessions to answer all of your fundraising questions. Just post them on the Fundraising Radicals Question Board.


Full Certification: Fundraising income will be the best measure of your success but if you complete the Programme, you will get a Fundraising Radicals certificate to hang on your wall.

Research & Resources: Download relevant research and useful resources that will help you dive deeper.

Packed full of engaging and informative content, Craig's bite-sized videos throughout the chapters create a transformational journey for the learner.

Elise Chambers

Partnerships Manager, Hubbub Fundraising

Craig is a rare breed of fundraising guide, one who only feels successful if he has transformed your fundraising income and sustainability. He is not a '5 %er'.

James Whiting

Executive Director, Malaria No More UK

Motivating! Informative! Succinct! This brilliant course spoke to me as a “reluctant” fundraiser who prefers to do all parts of the Foundation’s work over this!

Jessica Wawoe

Chair, Tribal Wisdom Foundation

How will you feel when you get your first donations?

Imagine the moment when your first big donor says “Yes!” Imagine how that is going to feel. Imagine all of your doubts dropping away and knowing that you can do this (and even enjoy it!)

I still remember the first time a donor said “Yes!” to me. It took a few hours to sink in. I leapt around the room. It was a donation of $4,000, but at that moment it felt like $4 million.

I forgot all my past failures. I forgot all of the hard work I’d put in, all of my mistakes - because that donation made my project possible.

Your first "Yes!" and the donations you need are out there too.

Join the 
Fundraising Radicals Programme TODAY!



one payment today

  • 60+ Page Programme Workbook
  • 60+ filmed bitesize lessons
  • 4+ hours of online lesson content
  • Access to the Community Question Board
  • 1 x Live 90-minute Q&A session
  • 6 x Live Fortnightly Webinar Workshops
  • 12+ practical PDF/Excel tools
  • Research papers and other downloads
  • Discounts on future courses
  • 14-day and 365-day money-back guarantees


2x NZ$1,249

two monthly payments

  • Start learning for just NZ$1,249 TODAY
  • 60+ Page Programme Workbook
  • 60+ filmed lessons
  • 4+ hours of online lesson content
  • Community Q&A Board
  • 1 x Live 90-minute Q&A session
  • 6 x Live Fortnightly Webinar Workshops
  • 12+ practical tools
  • Research papers and other downloads
  • Discounts on future courses
  • 14-day and 365-day money-back guarantees

My Double Money Back Guarantee

I've seen the difference that this course makes and I'm confident that I can guide you to fundraising success. So, I'm going to make this easy for you, remove all of your worries and your risk. Right now.

14-Day Money "Fit" Guarantee

Your fundraising hours are too precious to spend on an approach or tutor that doesn't fit. So, if you complete the first chapter of the online course (Chapter Zero - Step into Fundraising) within 14 days and it's not working for you then I'll refund your programme fee.

365 Day Money "Results" Guarantee

I'm confident that this course will transform your fundraising results. I also believe you shouldn't spend money on any course that doesn't deliver. So, if you complete the full Fundraising Radicals Programme and haven't seen your fundraising results transformed within one year (of the programme end) - I'll refund your programme fee.

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Why does fundraising feel so daunting?

If you are daunted by the thought of raising funds for your charity or project, you are not alone. Even seasoned professionals can struggle. What you're feeling is totally normal.

During my twenty-plus years in fundraising (and a decade as a fundraising consultant),  hundreds of people have shared their fundraising fears and frustrations with me:

If any of these feel familiar then you are definitely not alone. But the great news is that you can stop worrying, you are now in exactly the right place.

You're here because you don't want to feel like this about fundraising anymore. You want to feel comfortable and confident when it comes to getting your charity or project funded. You want to be pointed in the right direction and know exactly what to do next (and how and why!)

All of these concerns, these fears and frustrations can be chased away - when someone points you in the right direction, when someone who has done it before shows you how to get your project funded the RIGHT way.

Trust me, I know the journey that you are on, because I have been there myself, I was once filled with all of these same fears and frustrations when I started my fundraising journey but now I genuinely LOVE doing it!

Let me tell you more...

This approach has been built and proven in partnership

Here are some of the 200+ organisations who have worked with Craig and the Fundraising Radicals

Thank you for taking us a long way in a very short space of time. Your expertise and patience helped us refresh our fundraising, you made us see what might be possible, and we now have £1.5 million in donations heading our way. Thank you.

Professor Dame Jane Dacre, DBE

Professor of Medical Education at UCL & former President of the Royal College of Physicians

Today is a great day for Northumberland. You set us in the right direction and built our fundraising capacity. These made raising the £15 million for The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre possible. Thank you.

Tony Gates

CEO Northumberland National Park Authority

Before I met Craig I could not understand why none of these wealthy people and companies would fund my project. He showed me how fundraising really works, and AREF has gone from raising nothing to more than £2 million per year. Thank you!

Professor Sir Tumani Corrah, KBE

Director of the Africa Research Excellence Fund, Honorary Fellow LSHTM, 

Craig, your programme challenged and inspired me and energised our trustees - we have gone from raising zero to $8 million within one year. Our dream for Myanmar's first Liberal Arts & Sciences University is becoming reality.

Dr Kyaw Moe Tun

Director, Parami University (Myanmar)

Thank you for your support of the Royal Geographical Society. There are dozens of funded expeditions and research projects that would never have been funded without your guidance and training. Yours is a quiet but vital contribution to the expedition community.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, OBE

The world's greatest explorer (and fundraising phenomenon)

I don't think I realised at the time how much I was learning from you, but I know I could not have landed this £11 million donation without your guidance and the understanding you brought about how fundraising really works.

Professor Eleanor Robson

Head of History, University College London

My story

When I first set out to fundraise, 26 years ago, I was really, really, really, bad at it. I tried and failed to raise just a few thousand pounds. Twice!

I was frustrated and really hard on myself. But looking back, I had no clue how to do this thing called fundraising. I had no one to guide me, to point me in the right direction. I had no one to help shortcut my way to fundraising success. I had to make my own mistakes and waste lots of time learning for myself what works and what doesn’t.

Thankfully, since then, I’ve turned it around.

I've now been doing this fundraising thing for 26 years. I've worked in more than 100 countries with donors, fundraisers, and nonprofits (of all types, shapes and sizes). My training, guidance, and tools have helped more than 1,000 people like you (from first-time fundraisers to professional fundraisers, CEOs and trustees) to raise more than $500 million (and still counting).


I’m now a “world-class, award-winning, expert in global fundraising” but I will never, ever forgot how lost and confused I felt as a first-time fundraiser. I know that anyone can learn to fundraise and I hope that you think “if this, introverted, former mathematician, former accountant, can do it, maybe I can too”.

Now, I can’t do the fundraising for you. That’s on you. But if you come committed, I will give you everything else you need to get your project or charity funded. I’ll share the knowledge and tools you need to do fundraising. I’ll bring you clarity and build your confidence and together, step-by-step, we’ll get give you the very best chance of getting your project or charity funded.

Read on to discover how...

100% RISK FREE: with my double-money-back guarantee

Your fundraising hours are precious, so don’t waste one moment or one dollar on a course, or an approach, or a tutor who doesn’t fit with you. If you complete the first chapter of the Fundraising Radicals Programme within 14 days and decide this isn't for you - I'll refund your programme fee.

I've seen how this programme transforms fundraising results. I also believe you shouldn't spend money on anything that doesn't deliver. So, if you complete the full Fundraising Radicals Programme and your fundraising results have not improved within one year (of the programme end) - I'll refund your programme fee.

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Why I built this programme...

There are four key reasons why I invested hundreds of hours of my time into developing this programme:

  1. I’ve never forgotten how daunting it is to take those first steps into fundraising.
  2. I wanted to create something that is simple, clear and structured, a true step-by-step path to getting big donations.
  3. I wanted to offer an affordable alternative to people who cannot afford consultancy fees so I could empower them to make a difference in the world through their own projects.
  4. I wanted to create something to guide the younger (clueless) version of me, give him a shortcut so that he wouldn’t have to waste all of that time, make all of those mistakes.

So I founded the Fundraising Radicals. This programme is about sharing the fundraising knowledge and tools that are used every day by leading fundraising consultants (like me) and the world’s best fundraising professionals.

It’s about making great fundraising more affordable and accessible for everyone. 

For me this is personal... the world needs more people like YOU! People with ideas that will make this world better, and the commitment to make them happen. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

So here's the BIG QUESTION: would having access to proven fundraising knowledge and tools, and having me as your fundraising guide - make your life easier and help you, your charity or project? 

Is it time to say GOODBYE to your fears and frustrations about fundraising and free yourself to say HELLO to your first big donations?

Who is this programme for?

There are four types of people that will benefit most from joining the Fundraising Radicals Programme. 

Which one are you?



These people do have fundraising in their job title, or some version of it. They are looking to invest in their own skills - but they need results and practical tools, not irrelevant theory!

They are looking for a credible course that covers all the bases - one that equips them with the core knowledge and a reliable toolkit that delivers results (and everything else they need to impress their new charity and boss)!



These people don't have fundraising in their job title - they may be project managers, academics, CEOs, trustees, programmes staff, or any number of other job titles... BUT they have had fundraising dropped onto them!

They don’t know where to start and need their fundraising efforts to be focused and efficient as they have many other things to do. They want to make a success of it and want to get results.



These people have an idea, a project, or a cause and they know they need funding (and big donations) to make it happen but have come up against a wall.

They have already realised it’s more complicated than they expected, taking more time, or it’s not working as well as they had hoped. They may have networks and a pitch, they might even have had a few successes - but they don't know how to make it happen again, and again. 




Everyone else is looking to these people to get the funding in - that can feel like a lonely and uncomfortable burden to carry by yourself.

The pressure is on to get the funding in, so it's important they set off in the right direction and get fast results.

They need to feel confident about their approach  so they can be credible, coach others, guide colleagues and leadership, and manage expectations.

What's so special about THIS programme?

The Fundraising Radicals Programme will give you everything you need to raise BIG donations in real life and the confidence to get out there and do it.

It's designed with four principles in mind:

  1. No experience required - this assumes no prior knowledge or experience of fundraising 
  2. Practical - this is about getting your project or charity funded in real-life -  I'll give you only what you need to go out there and do this fundraising thing yourself
  3. Accessible - fundraising knowledge and tools aren't just for big organisations and professionals. This is for everyone - it's affordable, it's no-nonsense and it's jargon-free.
  4. Global - this approach works everywhere (from Auckland to Zimbabwe) - people like you in 50+ countries, are using the Fundraising Radicals approach to raise big donations

Whoever You Are. Wherever In The World You’re Based. Whatever Your Project. However Much You Need To Fundraise...

...I've Got You! 

Whether it's ten thousand or ten million dollars - the approach you need to raise big donations is exactly the same. And it’s all set out for you within this programme.

Don’t leave without making the choice to TRANSFORM your fundraising results today.