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Our online course for new and reluctant fundraisers seeking a step-by-step approach that gets the job of fundraising done.

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Our canvas-based approach is truly global, it's bold, modern, and working in more than 25 countries.


16 global fundraisers | 12 months

THE online mentoring programme for anyone fundraising across international borders is now open (begins April 2021).

We'll help you to navigate your global major gift fundraising.

Private 1-2-1s, group webinars, ongoing support, the full course, a worldwide community and more.


"Motivating, Informative and Succinct! This course spoke to me as a 'reluctant' fundraiser, who prefers to do all parts of the foundation work over this! The course is easy to follow with its short chapters and clear messages. It's given me the gusto and motivation to give it a go on raising our first substantial amount."

Jessica Wawoe
Chair, Tribal Wisdom Foundation

Proven in partnership...

Our approach to fundraising has been forged in partnerships with 200+ non-profits and projects across 70+ countries, including...

"Your training programme inspired and challenged us. We have gone from fundraising zero to $3.8m within seven months. Building Myanmar's first Liberal Arts and Sciences University is now possible. Thank you for showing us how to get it funded."

Dr Kyaw Moe Tun
Director, Parami University

Meet your guide, Craig.

I'm a world-class, award-winning, expert in global fundraising, apparently. But what really matters is the difference I can make to your fundraising results.

I've been in fundraising for 25 years. I've worked in 70+ countries with donors, fundraisers and nonprofits (of all types, shapes and sizes).

My training, guidance, and tools have helped causes like yours (from global nonprofits to community startups) to raise more than £250 million (and still counting).

I know that anyone can learn to fundraise (yes, even you!) It takes commitment plus the right knowledge and tools. You bring the first of these, I'll bring the rest and together, step-by-step, we will get your cause funded.

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"Fantastic course! You need to do this! It really is a shot of adrenaline in the arm towards being much more radical in your fundraising. "

Damian Chapman
Head of Communications and Fundraising, Police Care UK

"Thanks to your global program I have now raised $305,000 from donors in Europe. This has funded our whole child nutrition project. We could not have done this without you."

Kudakwashe Zombe
National Nutrition Coordinator - Zimbabwe

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