Join us as we explore and exchange perspectives on fundraising and innovation - that are grounded in relevant experiences and expertises in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.


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Panel #1: Corporate Partnerships in Africa


DATE & TIME: 28 May 2024, 09:00-10:00 GMT/ UTC 

FORMAT: Zoom Webinar with live panel presentations and discussion.

LANGUAGE: In English with live translations into French and Spanish.

Join us for the first Global Radicals panel webinar of Term 3 2024, exploring how to start and sustain enduring, high-value partnerships with companies in Africa. 

Our panel members bring diverse and deep expertise of building global partnerships between corporates and causes on the African Continent. 

They will share relevant perspectives, experiences and key lessons learned on their fundraising journeys ‚Äď from how corporate partnerships have evolved over the years, to core skills and knowledge for managing complex multinational programmes with corporate partners.

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Steve Murigi is CEO of Primary Care International, a social enterprise that trains clinicians in low-to-middle-income countries to enhance global health equity.

Dilys Kyeiwaa Winterkorn is Project Director at Pathway Fund, the UK’s
first Black-led social investment wholesaler

Nachula Wilson is Director of Strategic Partnerships at Ashesi University,
Ghana, leading on securing funding from major donors, foundations, and
corporate partners

Panel #2: Holistic Funding Partnerships in South East Asia


DATE & TIME: 11 Jun 2024, 09:00-10:00 GMT/ UTC

FORMAT: Zoom Webinar with live panel presentations and discussion.

LANGUAGE: In English with live translations into French and Spanish.


Our series continues with a panel webinar delving into how to start and sustain holistic partnerships that cut across wealthy individuals, companies, foundations, and institutions. This time, our panel members bring diverse and deep expertise of building holistic partnerships in South East Asia. 

Join us for discussion on how to create the space and advocate to prove the concept of alternative funding sources to institutional income, the impact of raising local and regional unrestricted funding within an INGO, and more.

Fundraisers often find comfort in silos, we can be quick to label a donor as a "corporate" or a "wealthy individual" or "foundation". This panel webinar explores the importance of working beyond these narrow definitions ‚Äď and beyond simply cash ‚Äď to explore the whole funding potential of people and organisations within our network as we seek the resources to sustain our social impact.¬†

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Emily Monville Oro  is Acting Asia Regional Director and Philippines Country Director of the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR), strategically directing and implementing key programs on food, nutrition, economic empowerment, biodiversity

Dr. Kyaw Moe Tun raised millions of dollars locally and internationally to found Parami University, a private, non-profit, synchronous online university offering degree programs to students in Myanmar, he continues to lead the programming and fundraising in exile from the US.

Arun Sinketh is Director of Fundraising at Angkor Hospital for Children, an independent, non-profit paediatric healthcare organisation in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Keoamphone Souvannaphoum is Country Director of CARE International in Lao PDR, with a focus on gender equality, community development and strengthening civil society.

Panel #3: Grantseeking and Proposals in Africa


DATE & TIME: 25 Jun 2024, 09:00-10:00 GMT/ UTC  

FORMAT: Zoom Webinar with live panel presentations and discussion.

LANGUAGE: In English with live translations into French and Spanish.


This panel webinar sees us return to Africa and specifically Kenya, to explore approaches to grant-seeking and resource-mobilisation, with a focus on securing funding from trusts, foundations and institutions via proposals. 

Our panel members bring diverse and deep expertise of building and managing complex programme-based partnerships in Africa. We all know that writing a great proposal is just one small part of the picture so this webinar will explore all the things that matter when it comes to successful grant-seeking. 

This includes building fundable partnerships, the importance of programme development and delivery, people-focused approaches, positioning your organisation for success, managing power and politics, and aligning purpose, values, and expectations.

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Lilian Mabonga is Regional Program Specialist at Living Water International, an NGO that helps communities acquire clean water and sanitation. She has 15 years+ of experience in humanitarian development sector and is based in Nairobi.

Clemencia Osa is Campaign & Coalition Manager at Women's World Banking, a global NGO dedicated to empowering low income women and reducing inequality.  Her career spans 20 years, helping people and organisations engage effectively and create change, value, and impact.

Philip Odino is Managing Partner at Pepea Capital, a fintech company specialising in digital finance solutions for smallholder farmers in Africa. He has extensive experience with DFIs, financial institutions, VC & PE firms on initiatives promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Panel #4: Innovación Social e Impacto Social (América Latina)/ Social Innovation and Social Impact (Latin America)


DATE & TIME: 3 Jul 2024, 16:00-17:00 GMT/UTC 

FORMAT: Zoom Webinar with live panel presentations and discussion.

LANGUAGE: In Spanish with live translations into English and French.

Our final panel webinar of the series encourages consideration of innovative approaches to building new types of partnerships with private sector actors and explores new revenue streams for funding social impact. 

Within the context of Latin America this time, our panel will explore how we can design our organisations and products so the people most impacted by structural injustices are valued for their expertise and can lead social impact design.

Join us as we challenge Global North thinking, explore innovation as a driver for localisation and entrepreneurship as a driver for systemic change.

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Jessica Oddy is Founder of Design for Social Impact Lab, a UK-based social enterprise delivering learning strategy inspired by anti-racist pedagogy and equity design thinking for people and organisations that want to radically reimagine social impact.

Irene Arellano Pineda is Executive Director of Asociaci√≥n UNACEM, a public-private sector organisation working with civil society and the community to sustainably develop Lima Sur, Per√ļ.

Lucila Sarquis is Editor of The Startup Club, a biweekly digest of startup news by Slidebean. Before this, she held roles as Programs Director for Latam & USA at Bridge for Billions, Global Program Manager Yunus and Youth, and at the Argentina Association of Entrepreneurs

Silvia García Téllez is an Associate Director at Partner of the Americas in Colombia, supporting project teams to implement high quality and system change projects in the Rural Development unit.