Shifting Power In Fundraising and Development with Steve Murigi | Ep 1

Season #1

Today, I talk with Steve Murigi, CEO of Primary Care International.

I have known Steve Murigi for more than 15 years. We first met in Kibera, the informal settlement in Nairobi - in early 2008, a few days after the post-election violence.

Steve grew up in rural Kenya, studied journalism, has worked across programmes, communications and advocacy - building many world-class health programmes and complex partnerships at AMREF Health Africa.

It has been my privilege to have walked alongside Steve at AMREF on parts of his journey in global health, and to have witnessed his impact in communities - we have shared some adventures and hectic experiences together.

I’ve always enjoyed Steve’s ideas - and his practical focus on the things that matter right now; whether it’s advocating for localising and decolonising development, or how to build complex and long-lasting corporate partnerships that are grounded in values and purpose.

This is not a short conversation, but if you stick with this to the end then you’ll be rewarded with some deep insight from Steve and creative tactics for localising development and building exceptional corporate partnerships (among many other things).

And you’ll also find out what the most important personal characteristics are, that will deliver fundraising and leadership success - so do stick with us!


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I hope you've enjoyed listening to this episode of the Fundraising Radicals podcast and that this conversation has challenged, informed, and maybe even inspired you and your fundraising leadership practice. 

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