Fundraising During Conflict in Afghanistan with Dr Syed Muqadas | Ep 8

Season #1

This episode of the Fundraising Radicals Podcast is a special conversation for me. 

It really has been my privilege and has been one of the most humbling experiences of my career to have been working alongside Dr Syed Muqadas for the past four years.

Syed trained as a medical doctor specialising in paediatrics in China and Pakistan. He is the Director of AMRAN the Afghan Mobile Reconstruction Association and co-chair of the Afghanistan Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance based in Kabul.

Syed has always had the option to leave Afghanistan and join his family in the United States, but he has stayed. 

During this time, at huge personal risk, he has been mobilising the people and funds that supports families in the local community - he has done this consistently between the withdrawal of US forces to the uncertain peace that has included a devastated economy, drastic cuts in overseas aid, economic sanctions, regular office raids, staff beatings, extrajudicial killings, and 97% of the population living beneath the global poverty line.

I find it incredible and inspiring that Syed always manages to rise above the personal challenges and somehow navigates one of the most hostile fundraising environments in the world.

Today we talk about the whole spectrum of resource mobilisation; fundraising overseas diaspora, Zakat during Ramadan and beyond, building social enterprises that empowers women, community fundraising in the US in solidarity with communities with Afghanistan, accessing shrinking institutional overseas aid, United Nations funding, the Taliban’s economic policies, and pitching to regional and national governments.

Syed’s stories and examples are always fascinating and build on evidence and deep experience, his ambition for the community is inspiring, and his example is deeply humbling.

I know you’ll enjoy meeting Syed.


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I hope you've enjoyed listening to this episode of the Fundraising Radicals podcast and that this conversation has challenged, informed, and maybe even inspired you and your fundraising leadership practice. 

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