Starting and Sustaining Corporate Partnerships in Indonesia with Luki Kurniawan | Ep 11

Season #1

Today's fundraising leadership conversation comes from Jakarta in Indonesia, the world's most generous country. No country in the world gives as much per capita to charities. 

This conversation is with Luki Kurniyawan, who is the Director of Support Operations for Yayasan CARE Peduli, CARE international's lead NGO partner in Indonesia. Luki's remit includes coordinating the whole internal structure of YCP to deliver its strategic objectives, with responsibility for fundraising thrown in too. 

In this conversation we're going to be talking about the practical side of corporate partnerships:

  • where they come from
  • how to build them
  • how to present costs and budgets (that level of detail)
  • how to manage expectations and relationships along the way

This was a really interesting conversation for me. I've always enjoyed the challenges and opportunities of initiating and building corporate partnerships as the points where two very different worlds, cultures, ideologies collide. 

It was great to hear Luki's perspectives and ideas and I’m sure you’ll enjoy my conversation with him today.


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