Indigenous Communities and Sustainable Forestry in Papua New Guinea with Cosmas Makamet | Ep 12

Season #1

Today's fundraising leadership conversation is with the ever modest Cosmas Makamet, in Papua New Guinea.

Cosmas is the manager of FORCERT, a sustainable forestry nonprofit operating in Papua New Guinea. FORCERT is owned by the indigenous communities of PNG and they have built trusted partnerships that are critical to protecting land rights in the face of logging and palm oil companies. Their work within these communities is critical to sustaining the forests and biodiversity of Papua New Guinea, which is in turn critical for the future of the whole planet.

I've been working with Cosmas and FORCERT for the past few years to help them build a sustainable fundraising model that includes global institutions, international partnerships, local trusts and companies, and a social enterprise arm so that their work can continue. 

FORCERT is an amazing organisation working at the sharp end of biodiversity loss prevention and has developed an effective model for community engagement, ownership and empowerment. 

This is a TINY NONPROFIT facing up to global companies and national government. 


It's always wonderful catching up with Cosmas and I know you'll enjoy meeting him today and will be inspired hearing about the work of FORCERT.


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