Community, Trust, and Fundraising in Ghana with Nachula Wilson | Ep 8

Season #2

Today our exploration of global fundraising continues with Nachula Wilson, who is Director of Strategic Partnerships at Ashesi University in Ghana in West Africa. 

Nachula has worked in Rwanda and Mauritius with the African Leadership University and for the Standard Chartered Bank in Zambia. Nachula brings a broad continent wide perspective to real life partnership building across Africa. 

Nachula has deep experience and expertise on what it's like to build funding partnerships in West Africa, and we instantly found lots of common ground and a shared deep dissatisfaction with the dominant North American and European narratives of high value fundraising.

And the day before we recorded our conversation, Nachula had joined a Global Radicals Fundraising Leadership Program Regional Panel Webinar, which was focused on corporate partnerships in Africa. So I dive right in here to get her to recap some of the clear, thoughtful insights she shared with us during that session. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Nachula’s views on funding, equity and power dynamics
  • Her deep and vital reflection on what fundraising is in the African context
  • How fundraising fits and doesn’t with community involved donors in Africa


  • How as fundraisers we find ourselves at the nexus of some of the world's most vexing and complex dynamics of power, equity and justice.


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I hope you've enjoyed listening to this episode of the Fundraising Radicals podcast and that this conversation has challenged, informed, and maybe even inspired you and your fundraising leadership practice. 

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